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5 Ideas to reuse plastic bottles

By March 9, 2019 September 10th, 2019 No Comments

As we continue to reduce our production of the single use plastic items, no matter how hard we try there is always that inevitable purchase. Most often it’s a plastic bottle on the road or soft drink bottles from a party.

But what can we do to ensure these bottles are used efficiently after their intended purchase. We can always try to recycle them… but even this has impacts on the environment, so let’s look at 5 creative alternatives.

Drip Irrigator

Simply suspend a bottle with a couple of small holes in the lid above a plant; the water will slowly drip onto the garden bed keeping the soil moist. You can also bury the bottle in the ground; the water will slowly irrigate the surrounding soil. These are great alternatives to soaking that often leads to overwatering.

Plant Pots

Larger bottles make great craft items for pot plants, cut away to top (this can be used for the previous Irrigation method), paint and decorate to your hearts content! You can even connect the bottles to create long planters.

Check out this video for some decoration ideas!

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Bowling Pins

Keep the kids entertained for hours; Paint some old bottles white with white stripes. Or break from tradition and create your own pin designs. Setup these up in the living room or the hallway and you have your own home bowling alley!

Bird Feeder

Plastic bottles can make great bird feeders; a simple option is to cat a hole in the bottom for the birds to access the feed. Alternatively you can insert sticks or wooden doweling for birds to perch. These options are an excellent alternative to the recycling bin and you’ll also be supporting the native birdlife, attracting more species to your garden!

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Piggy Banks

This one is great for the pesky lose change and can be great fun for the kids!!
Cut a slit in the side, use some old lids for feet, some old cardboard will make great ears and tail.
Think outside the box and create whatever you desire, trains, trucks, dogs or cats. The options are endless!

Get creative and reuse, renew, recycle!