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About half the population are regular coffee drinkers, a massive part of our day is devoted to the consumption of our favourite beverages. We’ve got to get that caffeine hit! Whether it’s from the drive through on the morning commute or a quick break during the day to get that buzz on.

As Australians we consume 16.3 million coffees alone. Have you thought of the implications that your disposable cups may have on the environment? A lot of the time that paper cup isn’t as recyclable as you may have originally thought, quite often they can have layers of plastics to help contain liquids which can’t be recycled.
Even if it was fully recyclable, do we always ensure that the cups we throw away make it to the correct bin? More often than not it probably ends up in landfill, some estimates state that 5 million end up there every year.

So what do we do?! Grab a keep cup!

bKeep cups are a great solution to the problem, it’s so simple! It should last you a good there years, paying itself off environmentally after only 15 uses (If you’re like me… that’s like one day…).
Not only will you be helping the environment, you’ll be saying no to the single-use culture.
Your contribution can have huge effects, saving 150kg of CO2 emissions every year! So why not get that keep cup today and say no to one use disposable cups.