How to compost and the benefits

By February 18, 2019 September 10th, 2019 No Comments

Compost can be one of the best supplements for your garden or house plants, restoring and vitalising soil. Plus it’s great for the environment as it reduces landfill.

Check out the video for a quick how to guide!!

  • Place your bin on bare soil in the garden. This allows the worms and organisms to aerate the compost and be transported to the garden. (if you’re in an apartment, you can compost with an old tin with some holes.)
  • Add some twigs and/or straw to help with drainage, about an inch deep if possible.
  • Layering is key! Food scraps, seaweed, teabags ect. Keep adding dry material like sawdust, leaves, wood ashes (keep the ash in layers to prevent clumping).
  • Add fresh green manure from a farm, plus also add the grass clippings from the garden.
  • Keep it moist!! Add water when it starts to get dry.
  • Keep it covered if you don’t have a compost bin. Anything will do, it helps keep the heat in and speed up decomposition. It will also help stop over watering when it rains.
  • Every few weeks try to turn the compost, in the apartment, you can give the tub a good shake and stir. Outside, try to use a pitchfork and give it a good churn up. This will help aerate the compost and speed the process.

By composting in the home, you’ll be helping the environment, reducing landfill and your garden plants will just love you!!