Is your bathroom green?

By March 9, 2019 September 10th, 2019 No Comments

The single-use plastics problem is massive; it affects our lives every day in some of the most unlikely places! Take the bathroom for example; it’s filled with disposable products. Let’s take a look at some ways we can make our bathrooms Greener and I’m not talking about green paint! By implementing these suggestions you will be helping the environment by disposing of fewer products and generating less landfill.

Say no to plastic toothbrushes

Plastic toothbrushes can be replaced with a bamboo or wooden alternative, they come with nylon or natural boar bristles. We are even starting to see brushes with removable heads giving you even more options.

Ditch those plastic razors!

Reusable razors come in many styles, the most common are the stainless steel razors, replacement razors are safe and cheap, and most people even say they have a closer shave. Dry your razor after every use and it should last you a lifetime.

Washing your mitts

Plastic hand pump dispensers begone!
This one is simple, get a bar of soap… it’s that easy, avoid plastic packaging if possible.

Brushing them locks

We can even make a difference with our hairbrushes, after your plastic combs and brushes pass their used by date we can look at some wooden and bamboo options. These products are much durable and should last longer, but they are even better at transferring oil from the roots potentially resulting in fewer washes.

Removing your face…

We all know how easy face wipes are… well at least half of the world’s population anyway. But this option is terrible for the environment. There are liquid makeup removers and cotton pads which are compostable, but these usually come in plastic packaging. The alternative is by using reusable cotton pads to reduce the amount of plastic waste. Even better still, go old school with a washcloth.

Cotton buds are sin!

This is an easy one, swap them buds with a plastic middle for a compostable option, look for wooden or paper versions that are 100% greener.

Shampoo and conditioner

Are you still throwing away countless plastic containers of shampoo and conditioner, why not look out for some natural bars in health food stores or online instead?