New Year Recycling Goals!!

By December 30, 2018 September 10th, 2019 No Comments

We all have great intentions with our new year resolutions, but why not chose and commit to one that is achievable and beneficial to the wider community! Committing to a stronger recycling program can be highly rewarding, let’s looks at some ways you can be more efficient in your home and business and how GDP Industries can assist you throughout the year.

In the workplace

Ensure your bins are clearly marked and all your waste is separated, make sure that all the staff are informed of the system and have knowledge of how it works.

Any old eWaste, old computers, monitors keyboards, ect. Can be deposited at the GDP depot. You can visit our what we take page for a full list.

  • Start a keep cup program in your office for the coffee runs, most disposable coffee cup can’t be recycled and end up in land fill.
  • GDP also have a document shredding and paper recycling program contact us for more information.
  • In the office promote a paperless system where possible. Ensure that all rooms have access to recycle bins, make sure to have easy access to paper recycling especially near copiers and printers.
At Home

Again ensure you have a clear system for recycling in the home making sure that everyone follows the recycling rules. Be sure to check all plastics can be recycled and ensure to place them in the correct bins.

Old toys, books and homewares can be donated to our depot. For a full list of what we take click here. We also collect old mattresses, you can deposit them to broken down and recycled at our depot. 

Set Some Goals

Saying you’re going to do it isn’t enough, work together and set some goals with your team and the family. Take some before and after pictures when you implement your recycling program, share them with the team and your family to give them a real picture of the impact you are making on the environment.

Good luck and happy recycling

Whatever goal you set this year, stick to it! We hope you have great success, be sure to visit or site for tips and tricks on making your new program more efficient and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.