Recycling while renovating

By January 28, 2020 No Comments

Renovating a home is an amazing experience, you can be creative and give your dwelling a warm personalised feel.

But during these projects we often overlook the impact we have on our environment, following are some tips and guidelines to minimise your impact on the environment throughout your next renovation.

Donate or sell old appliances

If your upgrading any appliances or whitegoods in your home be sure to sell or donate your old ones. Dropping working items at the local op-shop or selling them on sites like or is a great way to help the community or earn some extra revenue for your project and also reduce waste and landfill.

Recycle as much as possible.

If you can’t reuse it, look into local business or programs in your area that repurpose or sell used housing materials like window frames, bricks, tiles and even concrete. Make sure that any waste that can’t be recycled is processed correctly ensuring that their impact on the environment is minimised. Remember GDP recycles old mattress and timber, view a list of items we collect here.

Sourcing materials

In turn where possible, use these business to find materials that can use in your renovation. You will be surprised to find there are quality items that can be recycled. Lower the footprint of your project by sourcing materials and items that are environmentally friendly, when purchasing appliances and white goods try to find the most energy efficient products available.

Go solar

Look into equipping your home with a solar capture system, battery’s like the tesla power wall are proven to lower your homes impact on the environment and also save your household money.

By implementing these practices during your renovation you can save costs and also the environment, happy renovating!