We operate a light industrial factory and a second hand store where we provide our employees with a mix of skills training and task rotation opportunities across a range of work areas such as packaging, textiles, woodwork, steel and resource recovery.

Our specialised resource recovery operations include:

  • collection and disassembly of e-waste e.g. TV’s and computer parts are recycled
  • collection and baling of clothing and second hand household goods for reuse and recycling, including servicing and maintenance of public place clothing and household goods recycling banks
  • document shredding and paper recycling
  • stripping mattresses and¬†separating the timber, foam and metal springs for recycling
  • collecting, shredding and bagging polystyrene for resale and local re-manufacturing such as mixing with cement to make lightweight concrete pavers
  • ripping scrap timbers for kindling
  • cutting fence posts for firewood
  • making old treated pine palings into seed trays for nurseries
  • repair of old broken pallets for resale, and
  • bagging sawdust for kitty litter and garden compost.