Sustainability can save you money, 6 tips for an efficient household.

By March 6, 2020 No Comments

Do your bit and save money at the same time, having a sustainable home is great for the environment and for your budget!
There are numerous ways to save on household costs, from the monthly bills to reducing the products you buy from the store.

Thermal Mass

If your renovating or building, prioritise your insulation, masonry walls and concrete floors will help keep the home cool in summer and warm in winter. In the evenings thermal mass will release heat into the home aka passive heating. When building from the ground up, consider the direction of the sun to obtain the most efficient use of sunlight.

Well positioned windows

Having your windows positioned in the right place will dramatically effect the heating and cooling of your home, in turn, reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling saving you money on electricity and gas bills.

Install window films on west facing windows to reduce the amount of uv rays entering and warming the home, alternatively jus keep the blinds closed on hot days.

You could install double glazed windows or black out shutters to make the glass more resilient to heat.

During the winter curtains can also help prevent heat escaping while running the heater.

Think Solar

Depending on size and location, renewable options can save you between $1000 to $2000 on your annual energy bill. Solar batteries are becoming more and more efficient, working hand in had with solar panels to store the energy you capture, if your intending on installing a system 6kw or larger, be sure your home is optimised to store and use energy efficiently.

Green households

Do your bit and contribute to a greener world, recycle where possible. Ensure you and your family are up to date on what items go where and what material can and can’t be recycled.

When updating your home with new furniture or electronics, check with the manufacture if they have a recycling program. Company’s like apple and Ikea have discount programs when updating electronics.

Make your own

Crafting your own cleaning and beauty supplies can save you money but is also a lot of fun and cuts down on packaging and single use plastics.
Try a mixture of vinegar and water to clean your windows, it’s just as effective as store bought products and a fraction of the cost. Bi-carb and vinegar is a great eco-friendly stain remover, much cheaper than its chemical store bought alternative.

Garden and compost

A veggie and herb garden will save you in grocery bills and in combination with composting reduce landfill while keeping your soil healthy.