Sustainable Craft Beer

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As Craft breweries become more and more popular and sustainable lifestyles continue to be increasingly important in our culture; the sustainable beer market is moving further and further to an ecofriendly sustainable manufacturing process, helping consumers make my environmentally conscious beverage choices.

Here at GDP Industries, we’ve created a list of local eco beers to help you make better environmental beer drinking choices reducing energy consumption on their manufacturing process and lowering transport emissions .

Bright Brewery, Victoria

Bright Brewery’s mission is“To make our beer production as close to carbon neutral as possible, To minimise our overall environmental footprint on Bright.”

The brewery as installed a 50kw solar system producing a third of their daily electricity usage. They aim to repurpose as many items as possible, when visiting the brewery you will see old kegs as light shades, wash basins and seats, plastic kegs as bins, keg bladders as light shades, and pallets as tables and dividers.

Bright brewery keep their miles freight as low as possible, adopting a “Green freight” policy. 64% of the malt they  use for brewing comes from Victoria; and, most of all, 80% of the beer is consumed within 50 paces of the brewhouse where it is brewed!

Shredded office paper is used for padding fragile packages that we ship from their brewery.Bright Brewery have many more inactivates, check them out on their sustainability page

Stomping Ground, Melbourne, Victoria

The stomping brewery company consulted with the Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) who help household’s, businesses, community groups and government transition to solar. The brewery installed a 100kw system that supplies 60% of the Brewery’s energy needs.

Grand Ridge Brewery, Gippsland, Victoria

One of the pioneers of sustainable brewing in Victoria, back in 2014 Grand ridge installed a 100kw solar system, not cheep undertaking back then!! This system generates the majority of the power needed for its production process.

Beer Garden Brewing, Port Lincoln, South Australia

A 20 kw solar system was installed to help supplement the offsets of Beer Garden Brewing, they also rely on  rainwater for brewing, recycled water, and an edible an beer garden. Used grain for a full circle process is processed to create feed for the cows that later return to their menu.

So when making you’r beer drinking choices, go craft, go green.