Why you should recycle polystyrene

By December 18, 2018 September 10th, 2019 No Comments

Polystyrene is one of those nasty materials that unfortunately exists in our daily lives; from packing materials to food and drink containers its becoming more common every day!

The problem is it can take up to 500 years to decompose when covered in landfill and deprived of oxygen and sunlight essential for decomposition. It makes its way into the environment and polluting our waterways and oceans thanks to its light weight and float-ability, It will break down into non-biodegradable pieces and be ingested by marine animals and wildlife. Polystyrene is almost impossible to contain affecting our day to day lives and tourism and other industries.

The United Nations estimates that every 1.5 square km of ocean contains 46,000 of floating polystyrene and plastics.

So what can we do?!

Don’t let it end up in landfill and don’t dump your waste, the best option is to recycle our polystyrene. Find your local waste resource recovery centre for processing. You can drop your used polystyrene at GDP’s specialised resource recovery depot.

We will shred and bag your polystyrene for resale and re-manufacturing such as mixing with cement to make lightweight concrete pavers.

Do the right thing, don’t dump, Recycle!!